Glock 42 Reviews

Glock 42Glock 42

  • Sub Compact
  • Capacity: 6+1
  • Caliber: 380
  • MSRP: $480.00
  • (Local Average Retail $400.00)

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The new G42 takes the cake for Glocks smallest pistol to date. The G42 is still classic Glock design though, albeit a scaled down version of its larger brethren. It maintains all of the same great attributes Glock is… Read More

Glock made waves in January 2014 with the introduction of the Glock 42, a small concealed carry sized .380ACP pistol. We’ve been excited about the Glock 42, we’ve had a lot of customers ask about it in our store as well, so we decided to do a… Read More

Introduced with much ballyhoo, the Glock 42 appears to have taken the US market by storm. It seems I run into more and more people who have picked up one of these little guns for concealed carry. I was working on another project that required me to… Read More

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