Hey There, I’m glad you have an interest in firearms training. Taking any one of these courses will be fun an enlightening. If you are new to the use of guns taking a basic firearms course will  increase your awareness from the unknown to the known, go from being unsure and insecure to certain and confident. As a novice or intermediate shooter you will be able to get the essential instruction necessary to be prepared and equipped to safeguard yourself and family in a dynamic critical incident. Increase your knowledge in safe gun handling,  marksmanship skills for hunting and sport shooting.

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Get Equipped With These Firearm Courses

Pistol (click for details)

• NRA First Step Pistol

• NRA Basic Pistol

• Introduction to Glock

Rifle (click for details)

• NRA First Step Rifle

• NRA Basic Rifle

• Introduction to AR-15

Defensive Shooting (click for details)

• NRA Personal Protection in The Home

• NCJA Concealed Carry Handgun Training

• Introduction to Defensive Shooting

Skill Development (click for details)

Winchester / NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Pistol Qualification

o Basic Pistol

o Defensive Pistol – I

o Defensive Pistol – II

Rifle Qualification

o Rimfire Rifle

o High Power Sporting Rifle

o High Power Tactical Rifle

Take Action and Get Training

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