FAQ’s – frequently asked Questions

What courses do you offer?

A wide range of classes covering topics from safety basics to more advanced shooting skills, North Carolina Concealed Handgun, NRA- First Step Pistol Orientation, Basic Pistol Shooting, First Step Rifle Orientation, Basic Rifle Shooting, Basic Personal Protection In The Home, Introduction to Defensive Shooting. View Courses Here

How long are your courses?

An orientation class is normally three hours long. Some classes are mandated by state law to be a minimum length, like the NCCCH class is eight hours plus range time. So in most cases they are a half day to a full day. View the course detail for specific course time.

Do you offer private instruction?

Absolutely, just contact me and will discuss what you want to accomplish and if you have any specific needs. Then schedule a training time.

Do you offer private group course?

Yes, I would be happy to work with you to set up a group training class, with a custom schedule and group discount. This is great for families, churches, business, civic groups, ect.

What are the age requirements for taking a firearms training course?

I enjoy teaching all ages from youth to seniors, male or female doesn’t matter. Most courses are suitable for youth twelve year old on up. The NCCCH course you need to be twenty one years old.

I have never shot a gun before can I still take a training class?

Wanting to learn to shoot a gun is all you need, I have the patience and ability to teach you proper gun safety and handling, and you will learn the fundamentals in a fun environment that promotes learning.

When do I have to pay for the course?

I ask that you pay a small deposit of $20.00 per student when you sign up for a course. There are a limited amount of seats per course and this will reserve your spot. The balance is due at the beginning of the class when you arrive.

Will you accept credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards as well as cash, checks and PayPal. (Cash is always welcome)

Will you refund my deposit or payment?

If for any reason you can’t be present at a course you made a deposit for or made a payment in advance, the amount you paid will be held on file as a credit to be put toward any future course. It can be applied to any course offered within 12 months from the original course date.

Do you offer gift certificates?

You can purchase a gift certificate for any course I offer. Just contact me and I would be glad to help you.

What do I need to bring?

The most important thing to bring is a good attitude and a willingness to learn. You will want to dress for any weather conditions, dress comfortably. The shooting portion of the course will be on an outside range. I recommend a hat and NO open type shoes or sandals, safety gear – ear protection, shooting glasses, appropriate firearm and ammunition view class details for specifics.

I don’t have a firearm and ammunition or safety gear can I still take a training course?

You sure can, I can provide whatever you may need to successfully take a course. There would be a small rental fee, in most cases that would be an extra $15-$30. Contact me to make any arrangements before the course date.

What about lunch and breaks?

I do try to offer some free drinks and snacks for the class. We will break for lunch and have periodic breaks throughout the class, there are places nearby that you can go and get something to eat also. You can bring your lunch and anything you may want to eat or drink.