Glock 42 Reviews

Glock 42

Glock 42 Sub Compact Capacity: 6+1 Caliber: 380 MSRP: $480.00 (Local Average Retail $400.00) Gun Genie- Search. Find. Buy. Glock- Website  Video Reviews       Article Reviews The new G42 takes the cake for Glocks smallest pistol to date. … [Read more...]

Ruger SR9c Reviews

Ruger SR9c

Ruger SR9c Compact Capacity: 17+1 Caliber: 9mm MSRP: $529.00 (Local Average Retail $404.00) Gun Genie- Search. Find. Buy. Ruger- Website Video Reviews      Article Reviews When the Ruger SR9 was introduced, I went to the range with a crew of … [Read more...]

Concealed carry keeps the criminals guessing


Do firearms prevent violence? Re: “Other states’ open carry has its limits — Practice rare where it’s allowed; where will Texas land on issue?” Thursday news story. I grew up…Source: letterstotheeditorblog.dallasnews.comWith concealed carry you have the element … [Read more...]

The Armed Citizen®: February 13, 2015


Dinah Burns was walking her dog on a path near an elementary school when two men approached her with a baseball bat.Source: www.americanrifleman.orgSee on - Personal Protection - Concealed Carry … [Read more...]

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Air Jordan Robbery Attempt [VIDEO]


An Ohio man who was leaving a Dayton mall with a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers he had just purchased was forced to shoot a teenager who pulled a gun on him during a robbery attempt on Saturday.Source: dailycaller.comPredators will take your shoes by force and leave you barefoot and deadSee on … [Read more...]

10 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes from time to time, it’s how we learn. However, making mistakes when concealing a firearm can have serious implications.Source: www.survivaltacticalsystems.comWhat mistakes are you making?See on - Personal Protection - Concealed Carry … [Read more...]

Amazing: Ted Nugent Gives Passionate Defense of the Right to Bear Arms [WATCH]


Progressives like Harry Reid and Barack Obama have made it their lifes ambition to trash as many personal freedoms as possible guaranteed in the...Source: conservativetribune.comTed speaks frankly and with passion about the freedom to protect yourselfSee on - Personal Protection - Concealed … [Read more...]

Two Sought in Del. Home Invasion Shooting


Delaware State Police are searching for two suspects wanted in connection with an early Wednesday home invasion and shooting that left a man injured in Townsend.Source: www.wboc.comTake a NRA Protection in The Home course to help prepare you and your family from a home invasion. … [Read more...]

CDC Study: Use of Firearms For Self-Defense is ‘Important Crime Deterrent’


“Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent,”says a new report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The study was commissioned by President Barack Obama as part of 23 executive orders he sSource: m.cnsnews.comBeing trained in the use of a defensive firearm can save your life. … [Read more...]

Deputy who shot self during training is recovering well – Billings Gazette

Deputy who shot self during training is recovering well Billings Gazette Stineford and a number of other deputies were participating in a live firearms training exercise at Fort Harrison when he accidentally shot himself in the leg around 11 a.m.Source: billingsgazette.comEven trained law officers … [Read more...]