Hello! I’m Donnie. I am passionate about personal gun ownership. I enjoy instructing the everyday person about firearm safety, fundamental marksmanship, defensive shooting skills and how to shoot a gun with confidence.

What I do: As a NRA Certified Instructor I provide civilian firearms training to all ages of responsible individuals committed to learning the safe handling and operation of firearms. I offer courses for the new,  novice and the intermediate shooter that want to learn essential skills and knowledge that are necessary to gun safety and handling, too the introduction of personal and home defense firearms training. I provide guidance to students that shoot the Winchester / NRA Marksman Qualification courses.

Why I do it: Gun ownership is our American birth right it is part of our heritage. We use firearms for hunting, sporting and defense. In the past few years there has been record sales of firearms and a mass amount of new gun owners, that bought their guns for many reasons. Civilian gun ownership is on the rise for some time to come, which is a good thing.

As an advocate of personal gun ownership, personal defense and the Second Amendment I believe that individuals that own and handle firearms have a personal responsibility to be trained in firearm safety and gun handling, it’s just the right thing to do. I want to promote a positive image of gun ownership and personal protection. I do not believe the government should mandate that civilians should get training before owning any firearms, it is our own responsibility to do so and that firearms ownership is a right and not a privilege.

Where I do it: Eastern North Carolina, I hold classes in Washington and Williamston North Carolina. I have a small private range in Williamston that I use and in Washington I use the range at Hunters Pointe and the BCLEOA Range. I will also travel to other area shooting clubs and ranges if the need permits.

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